Workshop Repairs


Our fully equipped and modern workshop caters for in-house repairs and testing of a large range of hydraulic equipment.

In-house services that Pro-draulics offer include:

  • Gear Pump and Motor Build Centre

  • Pump, Motor, Valves and other hydraulic component testing

  • Repair and overhaul of hydraulic components e.g. Pumps, Motors, Valves

  • Compressors, Motors, Valves, Air Tools and other Pneumatic component testing

  • Repair and Overhaul of all Pneumatic components

  • Machining, welding and milling

  • In-house oil conditioning monitoring

  • Cylinder servicing and testing, including honing and high torque nut cracking capabilities

  • Cylinder barrel manufacturing with capabilities to build complete cylinder

  • Cylinder components measured to ensure correct tolerances for optimum cylinder life

  • Reclaim rod eyes

  • Full Honing Services

  • All cylinder repairs bench tested

  • Out of hours servicing available upon request

Additionally, all services are completed according to a Work Shop Manual, ensuring that all work is done according to best practices.